RV Quick Tip: A Single K-Cup French Press

I love coffee at camp. Love to start my day with a couple of cups and watch the world wake up. Love to end it with a cup around the campfire.

Over the years, we’ve tried three different coffee makers. Because of the constant jarring and bumps in RV travel, they all eventually broke.

Plus, they were all power hogs. And as a boondocker, saving battery power is a must.

So I was delighted last January on our annual winter campout at Tahquamenon Falls when Roadtreking buddy Jim Phipps introduced me to a single cup coffee press that uses no muss, no fuss K-cups.

This was the solution and I’ve been using one ever since. The model Jim and I have is no longer available but here’s one I found on Amazon that is almost identical – https://amzn.to/2oVVg1m

Here’s a video Quick Tip on how it works.

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  1. Scott Edwards

    Hi Mike,

    We also love our coffee first thing in the morning…. where ever we are. I have a problem with the K-Cup product, primarily the waste of plastic, and how many end up in landfills. What happened to people using their gas or electric cooktop and a manual percolator? For us, we have found nothing simpler….. it just works, is almost indestructable, and makes enough for 2 or 3 cups of coffee at a time. I an a total gadget guy, love electronics, love tinkering…but for us, when camping, I appreciate the basics. We still use our manual, on the gas flame burner toaster…and would not use or bring a bulky electric toaster with us EVER! I guess it is “to each their own”, and do appreciate you showing these interesting items.

    Cheers, Scott

  2. You may want to check out the OneCup brand that does NOT use plastic and can be composted. It is not endorsed or corporately related to the K-Cup Brand, but is designed to fit in all things that accept standard K-cup holders.

    The product uses a “Tea-bag” like filter, paper, and a reinforced ring that is made out of corn. (you will get some small grounds in your cup after brewing — just like a French press.)

    You can order them online in a variety of roasts from San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee & Tea Market. See:

    We like the French Roast — you can order them in bulk and they come in small, manageable sized bags that you can throw in your rig easily.

    • Lisa Thomson

      My favorite … SF Bay French Roast. TIP: I buy it through Costco. Some locations have it in the warehouse but it’s always on their website. There are multiple roast varieties online. Not only is the filter compostable but the smaller bags inside the big box keep them fresh AND the actual bags are compostable as well. Excellent choice!


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