DIY: Magnetic Latches for RV Cabinets

Like many RVers, I've been frustrated by shifting weight and uneven surfaces that make cabinet latches hard to open or break. I think I have the solution.

Magnetic cabinet latches.

The video shows you how they attach and work.

I now have them on all my cabinets and since they were installed, not one cabinet has broken or opened when it shouldn't have.

latchThe latches are stainless steel. The consist of a small bracket and a striker pad. Both easily affix to the cabinet with wood screws that are provided.

I have been unable to find them individually available for retail. The source for the latches I found is Leisure Products of Canada. They ship wholesale to Canada and the U.S. but a minimum order is for 48 of the units. They have a suggested retail of $7.95 each. The one I have is rated at 40 pounds. It is PM2001LX.

I'd buy a bunch and stock them on but by the time you add the minimum $5.25 Priority Mail shipping fee, it would end up costing over $13 to get one.

But you may find another way to get them. Here's a direct link to the product:


There are


  1. Sherry Hooker

    Great video, Mike. I like the idea of the magnetic latches. I have one question; do these have to be 5 inches away from video audio tapes and credit cards, like the Magnetic Tot Loks?

  2. Dave

    Sorry if a similar post comes up. I’m using a different email address and I don’t see my earlier post.

    I remember you made a vid with Campskunk on adjusting these latches and that they could be finicky. I’d like to see RT go with your solution using a grab handle you can wrap your fingers around. The 40# magnet idea seems like a good permanent solution.

  3. Warner & Phoebe Ahlgren

    Magnetic latches are available at Lowes, Home Depot or most hardware stores at a more reasonable price. Just add magnet and striker plate. Remove round button striker plate to inactivate the button. Add a grab handle to eliminate grabbing edge of cabinet door.

  4. Bob Ross

    Our “bathroom” door latch (plastic) broke on our Roadtrek 170V less than a year after purchasing the RV. Could one of these magnetic latches be installed in its place? It’s a tricky arrangement with door offset 1/2 inch from edge of wall, aluminum angle bar at the wall corner, and little space for screwing anything in. At $32 each to replace and their propensity to break (plastic), I’m scrambling to find an alternative.

    • Dick Pawloff

      The plastic latch on the heavy bathroom has broken three times in our 2012 Roadtrek 170 Versatile. Replaced it with the 40 lb Magnetic Latch as mentioned by Mike in his once again informative, useful and timely blog. It is working well for us and was easy to install by slipping a 1/2 inch round felt spacer under the plate, to deal with the metal edging.

      In Western Canada, these magnetic Latches can be found for $9.00 at Windsor Plywood.

  5. Carol

    Woodcraft dot com has the exact same latch for $6.65 and the shipping cost is reasonable

  6. Martha S.

    Perhaps Roadtrek will consider making these standard, as so many seem to have more success with these than factory latches. No disrespect intended 🙂

  7. Lance Gurney

    I just picked up 2 LPC 40# magnetic latchs at the Woodcraft Store they are same as above for $7.99 a piece.
    You can also order them on line.

  8. Janey Freid

    Great article. I think this is a great fix for a used RV and when someone buys new from Roadtrek it should either be already installed or something that Roadtrek should be doing for their customer. Silly to think that you can sell an RV without doors that latch. How ridiculous in my opinion. So thanks again for sharing!