How We Roll: Where We Store Stuff

There's never enough room. That's the first thing about RVing we all think when we start RVing, isn't it?

But there really is.

No matter what size RV we have, we all want to bring too much stuff.armoire

Once we discover that, it's a little easier to pack the essentials. Still, some times, you need a little more storage space. That's why we recently replaced one of the two back seats with a custom sized armoire. It is a perfect match with the rest of the wooden cabinets inside our Roadtrek eTrek. And it even comes with a pull out table that lets us replace the front table that attaches to a pole that fits into a hole in the floor.

Jennifer shows it off in this week's edition of “How We Roll” as I show how I pack the “basement.”

Here's our video:

Keep those questions coming. We try to answer a new one each week.

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  1. Peggy Jo Smith

    Mike and Jen, we enjoy reading your weekly newsletters and watching your videos. We are new to class B camping and traveling. We don’t have a RoadTrek, but a 2012 PleasureWay Excel TS that we purchased in September of 2012. Can you tell me what model Coleman grill that you showed in your “basement” area in your last video?
    Another question, with the changing weather patterns recently, what do you do when traveling in heavy winds? When we returned from Florida the end of January, we had heavy winds all the way from Florida to NY, which made for a very tiring trip. Bill did all the driving because the winds were so bad. We are hoping that when we head west to Yellowstone and other NPs in July that it won’t be as bad!!

  2. Mike Wendland

    Hi Peggy Joe…
    The Coleman stove we have is a two burner stove. Here it is on Amazon:
    As to winds… ah, yes… a constant issue for many of us. I like sharing the driving with my wife but she will not drive in heavy winds. Since the prevailing winds most often are west to east, they seem to be felt most on north-south interstates. My last tip up I-75 from Florida in March was particularly challenging in Ohio. We went from Michigan to Yellowstone last summer and were fine going out. Coming back, the winds were southerly for two days as we crossed Nebraska on I-80 and it was really tough as we traveled east across all that flat farmland. For me, when in high winds, keeping the speed around 60 seems to provide the best control. Hope this helps.

    • CHW


      Can Mike or anyone provide some information for those of us who are in the smaller Agile (or at least plan to be)? How are you making stuff “fit”?

      Does anyone have pros/con of RS vs. Agile?

      Thanks all,


  3. Randy Fletcher

    Great Job you two, with your explanation of storage options on the Roadtrek. Following your blog, to get advise, for our dream of acquiring a Class B later this year, to travel the country, marketing a new product.

    Randy Fletcher
    Creative Ventures LLC

  4. Hi Mike, I used to read your articles in Detroit. One thing you have to watch out for is cramming too much stuff in all of the nooks and grannies and putting too much weight in your rig.

  5. Jim Bruckart

    Any comments on reduced rearward visibility after you installed the Armoire? Wonder if it helps separate the front and back of the unit into more distinct zones?

  6. Brad Lankford

    Mike – can the wardrobe shown here be ordered from Roadtrek? We are considering a retrofit for our unit.