I am not a mechanically inclined. I am not a handy-person. When things break I take them somewhere and someone fixes them. I can recognize my limitations and honor them. Don't get me wrong, I like to muck around, especially since Jim died. I have learned to do many things that I would have run to him for.

I successfully repaired the drip irrigation system when I had my “sticks and bricks” home. I learned to take of electrical stuff and painted and more. When it comes to Emmylou, my Roadtrek, I have been more hesitant to experiment too much. Who knows what is behind those walls. I certainly don't want to blow up my current full time home. No thank you.
Today I became the handy fix it person in my Roadtrek. I finally decided that I was tired of the “sometimes it works-sometimes it doesn't” bathroom door latch. Last fall, with the help of Jeff Curry I was able to put the new latch on the bathroom door. Although, it works, I have been concerned about the give in the door when I am moving. To help give more security to the door I have added magnets to the top and bottom of the door. Now that sucker isn't move unless I want it to.

I know that some of you are probably saying big deal. It is a big deal for me. Every time I venture into doing something with my RV, I worry and fuss and think that maybe I should ask the expert.  I have been thinking of these door magnets for a long time. I feel good that I finally became courageous enough to attempt this home project. I pulled out my drill, the bits and more, put a cloth over my counter so nothing would be damaged and went to town. I like using tools. It is kind of fun to hold a battery run drill. It is fun to see the results when they turn out well. I feel like a big girl today and I am proud of myself.

This is not my first project with the RV yet each time I feel a sense of accomplishment. What other projects have I done?

  • Right after I got my rig, I decided I wanted a screen door. Sometimes it is good to not know what you are doing as I drilled holes in the walls near the door to secure the sides of the screen door. I am now on the second screen door. I don't think it is the last one. I still want to create one that will keep Miss Elsie the Cat inside without a leash on.
  • Replacing my cabinet latches was a fun and learning project for me. It makes me feel good every time I look at my cabinets. I even had to buy a new tool. That alone was fun.
  • I added more snaps to the back screen door. I did not trust Elsie to stay in with the ones that were there when I bought it. I need to replace that screen now and I am still deciding whether it is something I can do or if I will buy a new one through Roadtrek.
  • Since I have been in San Diego this time I have replaced one of the drawer's roller catches. I walked around Home Depot like many men seem to do and stared at things until I found what I wanted.  Now my drawer does not roll out unexpectedly on those twisty roads I so love.

I know, there may have been better ways to fix my door. There may have been better magnets to use. All I ask for all you capable fix-it type people don't tell me about the better ways. Just say good job Janet and if I ever meet up with you, then we can discuss if there is a better solution. Right now let me proud of myself.?

Hmmm….I wonder what my next project will be.