What I am doing for Thanksgiving this year

IMG_5379What is wrong with this picture? No Roadtrek! My driveway looks so lonely. It is missing my Roadtrek and I am too. Right now it is at the dealers getting solar panels on and other things fixed. Tomorrow I pick it  up. I am looking forward to that. I have missed seeing it and spending time in it while I get Miss Elsie, the cat used to it. I have not given up on a travel companion.



Thanksgiving is coming quickly. I am still adjusting to life as a single woman. I don’t have anywhere I need to be for the holidays. What do I do? Well my friend, Nancy came up with a great idea and so we are leaving early Thanksgiving morning in my RT with the ultimate goal being Pinnacles National Park about an hour from Monterey, CA. I am glad we decided to venture out and do Thanksgiving our way. We will stop on the way north at Pismo Beach for Thanksgiving dinner.

This will be the first camping trip with someone else in the RV. I am a little nervous about it because I have gotten used to all my personal space in my RT over the summer. Now I have to share it with someone else. I think this is a good next step for me to do on a short trip to see how it goes. I think it helps that Nancy and I have been friends for many years and have traveled together before.

Here is my list of things to remember, that I have gleaned from many of the postings on the Roadtrek Facebook page and some of my own.

  • Change drivers every 2 hours. Jim and I instituted this practice many years ago. It really helps prevent road weariness.
  • Figure out how we want to split the expenses before we leave. Nancy will keep an extensive list of everything spent. She is just like that.
  • Assign storage areas for each of us. That way they can be neat and tidy, or not.
  • Only one person cooking at  a time. To help with this we have divided our dinners up. Nancy will be responsible for one and I will be responsible for the other. We have decided to bring our own breakfasts and lunches. Nancy has a lot of special dietary requirements.
  • Take turns doing dishes.
  • Not everything needs to be done my way. Flexibility is a must. I have learned that over the years of traveling with this friend.
  • Share my check list with Nancy so that she can learn about my RT too.
  • Plan wisely the trip through the Los Angeles Basin. Since Nancy travels north on business a lot I have decided to let her be in charge of this part of the trip. I detest driving in LA and Thanksgiving seems to be the worst.
  • Bring games. Scrabble and Bananagram are a must.
  • Bring good music and books.
  • Make sure the DVD’s are not blu-ray.
  • Remember to stop for the unexpected sights that might come up along our route.
  • Take chairs so that we can sit outside if  anyone needs privacy inside the RT. It is also nice to be comfortable around the campfire.
  • And for me give thanks. Thanks that I have a wonderful friend and travel companion. Thanks for the big and small adventures in life. Thanks for my good health so that I can travel and marvel  at places. Thanks for everything and everyone in my life. Thanks for the mystery.
  • Do you have any to add? I am always up for more info.
Turkeys on the Rooftop, Peru

Turkeys on the Rooftop, Peru


What is your adventure for Thanksgiving? Whatever you are doing, enjoy, eat well and laugh often.

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  1. Dave Miller

    Happy Thanksgiving Janet and everyone else out there! Our Thanksgiving will be at home with the rellies and I think I have a bit of RT envy when I read your article. Have a great trip, Bigfoot Dave

  2. Laura Robinson

    Hi Janet, I am so glad to see you have such a wonderful plan with. Good friend this bittersweet holiday. You are in my thoughts and I wish you new joys and memories.

  3. Maureen

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving everybody. Thanks for the checklist Janet….looking forward to hearing more as you travel with your friend.

  4. I almost always travel alone in my Airstream, but once each Fall, my best friend, Debbie, joins me. She is NOT a camper, but has come to enjoy a few days camping. It is always stressful for me to have another person stay in my tiny little trailer, so she keeps her suitcase in her car and we spend as much time as possible outside. I love my friend and love that she joins me, I just have to keep reminding myself that our friendship means more than my comfort. Your list just about covers it all!

  5. Bob

    When the wife and her girlfriends go on a road trip, they each throw a certain predetermined amount of cash in an envelope, or something more secure, and pay for everything out of that till the kitty runs dry. Then if it runs dry, they figure where they are in their trip and reload accordingly.
    It’s worked well for them everytime. (If anyone wants souvenirs etc, they buy it themselves)

  6. Rebecca

    Here’s an easy way to split expenses if you’re willing to use cash.

    Come up with an amount that you think will cover total expenses for the trip. Each of you put that much cash into the “pot.” (We usually just keep it in an envelope, tucked away somewhere safe.)

    Then, when you need to buy gas or anything else that is a shared expense, pay for it out of the envelope.

    If you run short, each person puts in a bit more — an equal amount for each. If there’s cash left over at the end, you split it equally.

    This works for any amount of participants and is SO easy.

    Have a great trip!

  7. Mary

    Sounds like great trip I am eager to hear about the Pinnacles since I will be heading there in January. Please post some pictures, and have a great Turkey day!

  8. Morning Star

    I do this every year. I take a fishing weekend to a beautiful river and eat trout for thanks giving. On the evening of thanksgiving I travel to the nearest city where the whole city comes in to the conference center to have dinner together. It is the closest thing to the real thanksgiving I think I could possibly ever want. I am a Native American and I feel as if I am doing what my Ancestors did hundreds of years ago, lots of fun for me and I meet someone new each year and congregate with people who treat thanksgiving the way it should be treated, in a gathering sort of way. Have a great adventure on this special occasion and I hope for you to have a journey that will become a beautiful tradition for your life. Happy Thanksgiving !!!! /*

  9. Sandra

    Have a great trip with your friend. I would like to hear more about you adding solar panels to your RV if possible. I am thinking of doing the same. Thank you

  10. Barbara K

    Hi Janet, Any chance of your writing an update to this article on how the joint trip went? I would like to get an Agile (love it) but would also like to be able to travel with a friend. Did the Agile have room for 2 (unrelated but tolerant) people?


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