Taking in the sights of the Maritimes

(Editor's Note: With husband, Andrew, and Golden Retriever, Brewster, Roadtrek marketing director Karyn Torcoletti has just completed her very first RV trip. She shares some great photos and what she's learned in this final report on her RV vacation to the Canadian Maritimes. Karyn and Andrew are expecting their first child in October)

We just finished the second half of the week which was incredible and we are now making our way home. For the last four days we have been staying at Canadian National Parks both in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. These parks have their advantages and disadvantages, but for a place to call home for a short while, it was pretty good.

Karyn, Andrew and Brewster

Karyn, Andrew and Brewster

We had no problems with the Roadtrek, we were becoming experts by now, or at least we thought. We made sure we booked sites with both water and electricity, what we failed to realize is that in order to actually get water into the coach, we needed to bring our own hose. After we laughed at our mistake and scoped out what other RV’s were using, we made the 30 minute drive to the nearest hardware store and picked up a hose. This would be the first time we had both water and electricity coming into the coach as we just relied on our fresh water tank prior to arriving at the park. I must admit, it was nice to have both and we were able to re-fill our fresh water tank which was empty by this point in the trip.

Our time in PEI was spent exploring the towns and enjoying the beach (except for the jelly fish) as the picturesque sand dunes and the province’s famous red dirt made for some incredible scenic back drops.  The second night at the park we had a seafood dinner at our campsite, we invited friends of ours over who live on the island and bought 65 oysters and 10 pounds of mussels and had ourselves a cookout (well not all of us, as I am not a fan of either).

PEI National Park Beach

PEI National Park Beach

Back in New Brunswick, we had a nice seafood dinner in the small town of Alma then visited the Hopewell Rocks (or Flowerpot Rocks) to see the amazing transformation from low tides where we walked the ocean floor to the highest tides in the world. I recommend seeing this beautiful attraction if you are ever in the area.

We are now at the end of our trip and will be making our way home. It has been a great week and I have come away from it knowing so much more about the coach than I ever did before. Nothing beats hands-on experience and I have a few things to take back to the team that hopefully will make the coach even better. All my fears about the trip quickly subsided once we got a couple of days and nights under our belt. The only thing I would make sure I pack the next time (other than a hose,) is some sort of extra cushioning for the back bed, while Andrew found it plenty comfortable I was needing something softer for my growing belly and achy body after a few nights. I will have to get some advice from other Roadtrekers in this area.

PEI National Park Campsite

PEI National Park Campsite

Speaking of Roadtrekers, it was nice to see so many Roadtrek’s both on the road during our travels and at both parks. Basically everywhere we went there was another Roadtrek. It started to become a game of who could spot them first, I had the advantage until I explained the three windows to Andrew, and then the competition was really on.

Hopewell Rocks at Bay of Fundy

Hopewell Rocks at Bay of Fundy

Brewster and I walked by the Roadtrek camp sites quite a few times as I was hoping to stop in and say hello, but it seems everyone was off having a good time as there was never anyone on site. So for anyone who was at the Provincial Parks at the same time and saw the big white Roadtrek nearby, I’m sorry I missed you, but I hope you enjoyed your vacation. For those who I passed on the road, it was great to see you travelling around and thanks for the friendly wave back.

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We have started our journey back home and we are all settling in for a long ride as we decided to drive the twelve hours straight through from New Brunswick. This may have been a trip of many firsts for us as RV newbies but we are both ready to do it again, now we just need to decide where our next destination will be.

There are


  1. Campskunk

    many people have memory foam or other foam toppers for the power sofa after a few nights on the stock arrangements. as a fulltimer in an older unit without the power sofa, i have eight inches of foam and memory foam in a mattress cover. it’s better than the sticks and bricks house bed we left when we hit the road.

  2. John Benson

    I am impressed with all the gear you brought along.
    Is that a French Press for coffee on the ground next to the dual tire beside you?

    (Roadtrek customers are a curious lot).