My RoadTrek waiting for a name? Well Maybe

The RV Name Game

My RoadTrek waiting for a name? Well Maybe

My Roadtrek waiting for a name? Well Maybe

How do people select names for their RV’s? I decided to do some research.

I began to research names people have given their Class B RV’s. There seems to be a variety of ways one can name their RV. Many I found seem to be a play on words involving RoadTrek. There was Artee, RT, Roadie, Roada and more.

Some decided to try a pun that indicated their small RV life style choice. Pee Wee seemed to be a frequent choice.  Two that I like are Pup Tent, and IMANOTATENT.

Another way people named their RV’s was by the choice of travel and living. Gone with the Wynns definitely described these folks RV. Freeda is almost an acronym for Free Days Ahead. The Ride was kind of bland but certainly is descriptive. Does Flash mean this is the way that person drives?

It is hard to find photos of names of RVs so this  one will have to do.

It is hard to find photos of names of RVs so this one will have to do.

Guzzler is certainly descriptive of the low gas mileage that many RVs get. Along the same theme is Money Pit. I also found Cram A Lot In. This last one made me chuckle.

Mobile Command Centre, The Playhouse and LAN Party on Wheels makes me question what these people were doing with their RVs.

I found just names out there as well, Mary, George, Rhoda, Babe, Henry, Tiny Tim and many more. Janet just doesn’t seem to fit my RV.

If and when I name her I want to try and be creative and maybe a little obscure, so that people will have to figure out the meaning. Two hours later they will all of a sudden get it. The Aha Moment.

I am not in a hurry to name her and maybe I never will. It is fun to consider though and I had a fun time doing the research. I think that I am not ready to name her as our relationship is still developing. I love seeing her sitting in my driveway. I enjoy sitting inside and reading a book.

Tomorrow she goes to Holland Motor Homes for some warranty fixes (yes those darn latches are one). I will miss seeing her in my driveway. At least I had use of her while they waited for the parts. I finally came to an agreement with the service department that I would keep her at my home until the parts come in. This way I have full use of her while they are waiting and she will only be in the shop a week or two. I am looking forward to some winter camping.

So while she is at the doctors I can ponder names and see if anything fits. While I am basking at the beach and hiking in the hills, all  of you in the freeze zone stay warm and safe and dream of the  days ahead.

This has nothing to do with naming an RV but I loved the photo.

This has nothing to do with naming an RV but I loved the photo.


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  1. TrekerJack

    We haven’t named ours yet. Just refer to it as “the Trek” in conversation. We get funny looks when in mixed company – like “What are you talking about?” My brother named his sailboat Play Station. Seems more fitting for an RV.

    • JanetA

      I have 3 solar panels on the roof. They were part of a package when I bought my RT,
      Do I know much about them? No. Everyone seems to tell me that they run themselves. This makes me a little nervous. I am planning to do research on-line about what I have.

      • Arl Williams

        The solar panels will run themselves assuming they were installed correctly, which in my case would not have been a valid assumption. The panel on my 2013 E-trek was not installed correctly at the factory and had I not checked the display on the solar controller, discovered an error code (that was not described in the solar-controller documentation), and embarked on a lengthy interaction with the dealer and RT central, I would never have discovered the problem.

  2. John

    Shouldn’t “IMANOTATENT” be “IAMNOTATENT!”?

    Van Go!
    Holo holo Hale. Travelling house in Hawaiian, don’t use it, I’m gonna.

    Big and white… Moby.

    In Paris the artists in Hemingway’s day had “movable feast”, how about movable bed!

    Sorry, getting carried away.
    Pet names with one syllable would be best.

    • JanetA

      No I think IMANOTATENT is how it was spelled. Maybe you to be Italian. LOL. No profiling here, really. That sounds like it could be anyone from Northern NJ. Oh no really no profiling. I grew up there in the summers.
      I appreciate you getting carried away.

  3. Maureen

    Gotcha…I am very GG thinking and would probably call mine “Bling Bling” if I haven’t already picked “Lulu.” Right now I call it “wee haem” which is how my late Scottish husband would refer to it. Of course, nothing is etched in stone….could change my mind…lady’s prerogative…right. You could call your RT “Shenachie” Scots for storyteller and you are a good storyteller. Slainte and have fun!

      • Maureen

        Janet, as an aside, if you are an Outlander fan, the fan gathering was in LA a couple of days ago. I watched online and I think it will follow the books closely. The TV series will soon air on Starz. Slὰinte

  4. Cathy R

    We just bought a 2009 RS Adventurous and named her Trixie. Trixie is taking us down Hwy 101 along the Oregon and California Coast in a few days.

  5. Nancy and Marty Heiss

    We are the second owners. The original owner was an older women. She played up the fact that it was a class B, by decorating the inside with lots of items with bees on them..pot holders, stuffed animals, etc. We took all of that out, but when it came time to name her, we decided on “Aunt Bee”.

    • Janet Arnold

      I love bees. I spent a summer trying, successfully, to remove a hive of honey bees, alive from under my shed. I do not think that I would put bees all over the inside of my RT.
      I love the name.
      Praise Bees.

    • Bruce Edmunds

      I am suspected by some as being a Romulan spy. ;)

      We had motorcycles before getting Trekkie. We named them T’Pol and Mr. Spoke.

      • Janet Arnold

        OMG I love you two. You sound like you have the same Warfed sense of humor my husband and I had.
        I once tried to get him to play a scrabble game only using Klingon words. He thought I was nuts.
        He considered himself a closet Trekie. Now that he has passed on I no longer need to be in the closet. Trekkie and proud.
        You have opened a whole new realm of possibility.

  6. Our RT was assigned a name by my new wife’s daughter much to my disgust. She and her friends call it the Love Shack and so far I have been unsuccessful in getting it changed to something I like better. I have a couple of suggestions (Millenium Falcon, or Rozinante) but no one else seems to like them.

  7. Keith and Leslie Flanders

    Since we are now permanent residents of FL but we will be spending the hot summers elsewhere in our Roadtrek, we named her “Snowbird” and she is one of the new 2013 all white 210s.

  8. Maureen

    Ok Janet, got another one for you. You like Scottish Dancing but you would probably be a Sassenach (Scots gaelic) in Scotland so you could shorten it to Sassy.

  9. Diane deCastillia

    My Roadtrek is named the Van of Discovery. Previously, I had a Volkswagen Westfalia that I loved, despite the fact it was not the most reliable of vehicles. Halfway through a two-week trip to Lubbuck, TX, I was so disgusted with it breaking down every single day that it got dubbed the Van of Disgust. After I sold it and started looking for the Roadtrek of my dreams, I wanted to keep the VofD acronym, hence, Van of Discovery was decided before I even purchased one.

  10. don and donna

    Hi Janet, Our RT is named Cmor. Our license plate frame says” Don and Donna” on top , WE CMOR as the actual plate and “of the USA on the bottom of the frame. We get lots of friendly comments. What a great group fellow travelers are.

  11. Armande Saint-Jean

    We had a class C called Mini and after that a Class A we named Maxi (following the Mini). Now our 5th wheel is Caracol (the spanish word for the animal that carries its house on its back, like a turtle or a snail).

  12. Rose Pennacchio

    I plan on getting of the many styles of type B’s, but just can’t decide which. I think I’ll just take an early retirement from truckin’ and get a job delivering new ones and get a feel for them. I’ve talked to several drivers who do this to bring in extra money and I’m looking forward to doing it as well. I’ll be more than happy to break in someone’s brand new Roadtrek!

  13. Andrea Quinn

    When I get mine, I am going to call it the B.S.C. which stands for Big Snack Caddy! Currently when I go on a roadtrip, I bring one of those cleaning caddies that you take from room to room with cleaning supplies. Instead of cleaning supplies, load it up with snacks and put it on the passenger seat so goodies are a reach away. Well … the Class B will be a great snack caddy! :-)

  14. Denna Wilder

    Our motor home is huge and the front has a bump built out, just below the windshield. Reminds me of a shark. So we named it
    “Land Shark” it is an old one. 1979 Sports Coach!
    It’s taken us all over the US. But, gets very poor gas milage. Time to replace it. I want a mini-
    Motor home!


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