RT 63 A Roadtreking Thanksgiving

As our U.S. friends celebrate Thanksgiving this week (our Canadian friends celebrated their Thanksgiving a few weeks ago), Jennifer and I reflect back on many of the people we've met and the places and adventures we've shared this past year.

We've been on the road more than half of 2015 and it's been a year of great opportunities. [3:02]

But at the heart of the small those lifestyle are the people we have met, other RVers who quickly;y become family.
We hear from many of them this week. Some are Roadtreking Reporters from our Roadtreking.com blog, others are moderators on our very active Roadtreking Facebook group. As they share their Thanksgiving greetings, Jennifer and I tell a little about them – and why we are so grateful to have them in our lives. [10:44]

Other topics in this episode:

Jennifer suggests a way to keep track of your favorite campsites, as a listener reports on how she enjoyed that Postino postcard app we reported on a few episodes back. [7:44]

In the RV News of the Week, we talk about a controversial plan by Yellowstone National Park officials to slaughter up to 1,000 bison this winter  [41:08]

In Traveling Technology, I share three apps that will help you fall and stay asleep  [45:56]

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Listeners Tom and Patti Burkett report on interesting off the beaten path places to visit in the American Northeast. [49:50]