RVing Peeves

Written by on August 8, 2013 in Laura Robinson, People & Places with 32 Comments

Please copy and post at every campground, RV park and gas station!

You know who you are, yes you, the inconsiderate. You naughty narcissists. You rowdy weekenders.

We’ve got some issues here:


muzzle your mutt

-Barking dogs in the campground. We don’t get this one at all. It doesn’t sound cute, funny or anything but nerve wracking and serenity killing.  It ruins our chi or chakras or whatever. Don’t you hear it?  Don’t you realize we are all thinking up ways to kidnap those annoying yappers, and send them to Siberia on the slow boat with a hungry anaconda on board? Leave them with old, deaf Aunt Matilda for our sakes. By the way, we can still hear them even when they are inside your RV!!

-Speaking of that annoying, noisy dog- what about the deposits left by said pooch right by our campsite, ready for our flip flopped foot’s imprint as we blindly struggle to the bath house in the dawn’s early light?  Not cool, man!  Remember all those plastic bags you probably didn’t recycle?

-Not only are some dogs noisy, how about those migraine causing, bone snapping, head crushing ATV’s?   We’re fairly sure the law says they have to be 1,000 miles away from any RV park or tent area.  Are you that brain injured that you think it’s fun to do 334 laps around our small campground loop?  Do you enjoy being reviled, despised and otherwise hated by everyone?

-Why do we always have to do a tour of the campground before choosing a site? Otherwise we end up next to you mullet headed, beer swilling, loud/ hair band music playing, trash throwing, naked children screaming –family from hell who hunker down for the weekend, never leaving your campsite unless it’s to walk your barking, pooping dog or race around the campground on your un-muffled ATVs. Can’t you just do all that in your own backyard? Or did your neighbors pay for your campsite this weekend?

-Last week, we pulled into an electric only site, and the googly-eyed couple parked next to us were comfortably seated in their lawn chairs, drinks in hand…. Staring at us. They stared for a good two hours. We may be super cool in our groovy Roadtreks, but really?  Isn’t the family from hell on the other side of your rig much more entertaining?  Especially since we closed our blinds?  You may have heard- there is this thing they invented a long time ago called the alphabet. Put together it makes words. These are put into another ancient invention called a book.  They are portable and great in a campground when there isn’t another thing called cable TV.  Quit staring at us. It’s creepy.

-Gas pumps are for everyone! Not just for you, who park at the only diesel pump in the county, fill your tank then lock up and go inside and eat lunch.  Hey!  We aren’t those googly-eyed people who like to sit and stare at your vehicle for two hours. We have places to go and things to see.  Please fuel up and move! Put that dang map down that you’ve spent 15 minutes trying to decipher, arguing with your significant other who is waving a soda, spilling it on the windshield you spent 10 minutes cleaning.  We’ll tell you where you are- you are at OUR PUMP!

Fuel up and move on, Please!

Fuel up and move on, Please!

- You folks who don’t use turn signals. We believe this really is the law. In all states.  For a reason.  And by the way, we are way bigger than your measly little Gremlin or Pinto so we won’t be the one in the ditch.

- Not only do we not like it when people text/talk on the phone while driving, it really brings out the Valdemort in us to see police doing it.       Seriously?

- And you cyclists should ride single file on the shoulder.   After all, you are even smaller than Gremlins and Pintos.  We have a super cool RV’s with a big engines and like to use them.  We are not those googly-eyed people who like to stare at your rear ends on your bike seats for 2 hours as you struggle up Lolo Pass.

-Lastly, you lovely people in your class A’s and C’s who bring giant smokers and BBQ grills and cook up huge, delicious, decadent meals, sending over mouth watering smells, while we’re clearly in your vision, staring googly-eyed, eating a can of  Spaghetti-O’s since we didn’t have time to stop at the food mart as we were staring at bicycles for 2 hours, going up the pass….Have some pity and bring us your leftovers… Since we can’t hear your considerate invitation to dinner, because we have earplugs in to mute the ATVs and the yapping dogs….




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About the Author

About the Author: Laura Robinson is a photographer and writer from Missouri and loves to travel in her Roadtrek RS Adventurous motorhome with her dog Ruka. She's also a naturalist and birder and says she plans on touring until she can't see over the steering wheel. .


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32 Reader Comments

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  1. Robert says:

    Dude, if your that miserable why the hell don’t you just isolate yourself in a cave somewhere???

  2. Reece Street says:

    Laura it raads like you have had a bad experience somewhere. I think I might have been your neighbor, not the googly eyed one, but the one that listened to the dogs at 1 o”clock in the morning. You write a good blog. I don’t have a dog anymore, I have a traveling companion cat and she poops in her sand box, I can then put it in a plastic bag and dispose of it properly, although I have felt sometimes to take it everywhere.

  3. Casey Maupin says:

    I can see why people Boondock … OMG! I first typed boobdock .. LOL Anyways, yes, I can see how having annoying neighbors can get under your skin. Luckily, they or you will leave, and it will be over. On to the next area, right? Or, you can walk over to them, start a conversation, and who knows – they might let you ride the atv after a nice big bbq meal?
    Rule of thumb: Be Considerate! <– that is the way I live.

    • Casey Maupin says:

      P.S. Good picture of a shiba., I have two. One gets stressed and barks, but only if he hears strange noises.. The other, much more quiet. They are actually 90% quiet. I hope you get to meet them one day. The shiba screams can be terrifying =/

  4. Janet Arnold says:

    Laura, have you tried Xanax? Heh, heh. If not that yoga, meditation or something else.
    So far my experiences have been pretty darn good in the campgrounds.

  5. Diane says:

    Love this column!!! I could have written it on a bad day! The only thing you didn’t mention was the itty bitty gas station with one diesel pump (the only diesel for miles), blocked by the gas guzzling 5th wheeler that is five times longer than the F-250 pulling it that has absolutely no way of getting around any pump!

  6. Paty says:

    LOL you made me laugh so hard!!! We’ve been there and know exactly what you mean!! For those who say that you’re angry…this is the first time I’ve seen you vent..and with good reason!! Hope your next trip is better!! By the way, LOVE your blog!!

  7. Campskunk says:

    i’ve gotten spoiled with my solar and engine generator- i don’t HAVE to be in the campground, so i’m usually out boondocking somewhere. i get stuck in campgrounds only in really beautiful areas where you can’t boondock, like Big Sur. oy, those weekend campers hurt my chi!

  8. Sherry Hooker says:

    This was too funny. Then on the other hand, been there and suffered that. We had the misfortune of having camp neighbors pull in with their eight, very excited dogs, one which was an escape artist and loved coming to our campsite. I couldn’t understand why anyone would be traveling with eight dogs, unless it was a traveling kennel. Thank goodness it was our last night there. Hope you have better experiences in your future journeys.

  9. Laura Robinson says:

    I’m not angry, but each of those things has happened at least once. Take this lightheartedly! Most of my experiences have been wonderful but I do prefer boondocking or quiet Nat’l/State park campgrounds. Mostly I wrote this for fun.

  10. Jim Neiswonger says:

    Ok….I would agree on most cases but, sounds like you need to stay out of campgrounds and dry camp. Its unfortunate, but getting away from everything you have a problem with will be next to impossible.

  11. Maureen says:

    Thank goodness it didn’t happen all in one day….I really don’t have a problem confronting people’s behavior when being inconsiderate, with some conflict skills of course and a good survey of the situation (has to be the Scots with a dash of Spanish in me). They usually like me or leave, either way it’s ok. Sometimes it is rewarding, especially when I waited patiently for an inconsiderate oaf to return to his abandoned car at the pump after doing some shopping in the store. He returned only to be met by my threatening finger and a good telling off….the lineup behind me all got out and cheered. The oaf, he sheepishly returned to his SUV and left….he’ll probably think twice next time…hopefully. It was a bad day at the pumps but reassuring to have backup. Happy travels…Maureen from the Pacific Northwest

  12. John Campbell says:

    Hey! I own a 76 Pinto MPG Wagon, and I take offence that Pintos are traffic miscreants! How about being a bit more truthful, and put the blame on BMW’s and Lexus’s. :)

    • Mark Handler says:

      Just be careful not to rear end a Pinto. Remember those exploding gas tanks? ;)

      • John Campbell says:

        I have the wagon. That never happened to them. Actually, the Pinto blowing up snafu was basically an urban legend. They actually had better safety ratings than a lot of cars of the day. What really messed up Ford, was the NTSB report where lawyers ruled, and the language used to the layman would have seemed quite harsh.

  13. John Campbell says:

    My biggest peeve of all is being put next to a camper that LIVES there, Basically homeless, but are living out of a ratty ol’ 5er. Their site looks like a poor trailer park, and it really detracts from the “vacation” feeling I have when going out.

    • Laura Robinson says:

      John, I’m with ya on that one…. Sorry about the Pinto, we had one, too when I was younger! Just tried to pick a small car :)

      • John Campbell says:

        BMW drivers were the worst I’ve ever seen. cutting across six lanes of traffic to hit the offramp, and other stupid stuff.

  14. Cheryl says:

    Too funny!

  15. Bill Sprague says:

    Amen, sister, preach it! What a great rant on why I don’t do campgrounds.

    I love the folks who fuel their 500 gal. capacity , Nimitz class RVs and then the whole family goes shopping in the convenience store. Why can’t they appoint a designated fueler? Oh, I guess the googly eyed among us never heard of multi-tasking.

    GREAT POST, Laura!


    • John Campbell says:

      I’ve got a 90 gallon tank on my Pace Arrow, and it takes FOREVER to fuel. Wishing they had high volume unleaded pumps! I envy the diesel drivers who can use the pumps that trucks use.

  16. Nancy says:

    LOVED IT!!!! :D One of my peeves is the people that think the only way to the bath house and/or beach is through your lot. Not around the edge of your lot, but between you and your fire pit!! Or in front of your door!

    Come on people, walk around the roadways or paths designated.

  17. Karsten Askeland says:

    Amen!!! On the few times that I have stayed at a campground when I had my trailer I experienced all those nasty things you mentioned. Having never RV’d or camped before I was surprised at just how inconsiderate and obnoxious some folks can be. Including some dumb-ass blocking the diesel pump after filling his car with gas. He just sat there talking on his cell phone as though he was the only person in the world. When I got out to politely ask him to move he got a little “testy” which necessitated some firmer action on my part. (Heck my fist still hurts thinking about it)
    Now that I have my Class B I seldom stay at campgrounds. And certainly not one where the “weekend warriors” frequent. I would prefer the concrete jungle of a Walmart parking lot over that.
    And all that leads me to the fact that I prefer to boondock everywhere I go. The only campgrounds I stay at now are when I attend a RV Rally or Social.

    Enjoyed your article … but it did bring back some repressed memories of days gone by. Grrrrrrrr …….

  18. Cliff says:

    LOL……….funny! But Laura, you give away your age by picking Pinto’s and Gremlins for your blog! : ))

  19. Jim Burnett says:

    …and to quote another veteran camper: “When the group that pulls into the campsite next to yours starts unloading a drum set, you know it’s not going to be good!” Enjoyed your story!

  20. Nora says:

    Thought you covered all the peeves, but….smokers. Ugh, parking next to one is awful.

    • Karsten Askeland says:

      Agree 110% … for a non smoker it is the worst. Also for me the smell of smoke from burning campfires is annoying.

      And again another reason why I don’t stay at campgrounds.

  21. lilrv says:

    There’s funny and then there is insulting/name calling.
    Not funny.
    There may very well be a reason why someone would not enjoy camping next to you.

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