Janet: How I know I’m not in Southern California anymore

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AR State Capitol

I  have now been on the road for over a week. I spent Saturday night in the best camp site of the trip so far. It was in a state park that is part of the Little Rock Hike and Bike trail system. After driving for several days I did a 5 mile hike which offered me a great view of the Arkansas River.


Heifer International

I  spent the last 2 days traveling through Arkansas and Mississippi. I spent a lovely Sunday morning in Little Rock, the Capitol of AR.  After a delicious breakfast (chocolate brioche French toast with grilled bananas and drizzled in peanut sauce). I wandered around a pretty deserted downtown. I saw historic buildings and drove around the Capitol.

Have you ever noticed most cities proudly tell you that their Capitol was designed after the Capitol in DC? One of the more interesting sites in downtown is the Heifer International Building. This organization is the one where you can buy a cow for a poor family. I usually get this request in the mail at Christmas each year. The building is totally green and architecturally quite attractive. It was in the same complex as the William Clinton Presidential Library. I may not have gotten into these buildings but I did enjoy strolling on a quiet Sunday morning.


Janet on the William Clinton Memorial Bridge

In the afternoon on Sunday I drove through the backroads of southern Arkansas and Mississippi. What I can tell you about this country is that it is flat with miles of corn, okra and cotton. Did I tell you it is flat?  I did cross the Mississippi on a very beautiful bridge.

Here is my list of Things I Have Never Experienced in Southern CA

  • It is hot here, really hot!!! Have I mentioned the humidity?
  • Armadillo road kill.
  • A scorpion in the bathroom. (We do have these but I have never seen one)
  •  Have I mentioned the heat?
  • Getting out of my RT and having my glasses steam up.
  • Vegetable stands that advertise okra.
  • 2 lane wide freeways.
  • and just in case you missed it above the heat and humidity are outstanding.

I am now on my way to  Fernadina Beach, FL. I will spend the next few days visiting with my sister And enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. I hear they have sharks here.


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About the Author

About the Author: Janet is from Southern California. After many years of sleeping on the ground, in a tent, she finally decided there had to be a better way. In the summer of 2013, she bought a brand new Roadtrek Agile motorhome. She has never owned or traveled in an RV. Janet is now traveling the U.S. and Canada for several months. Recently widowed, she decided that she wanted to visit and thank each person that has loved and supported her and her husband over the past three years. She also is a water color artist who is still waiting to pick up a brush since her husband died. Janet works part time as a tour guide and tour manager. She takes people on vacation throughout the United States and specializes in the National Parks of the west. Janet is happiest when she can share the great outdoors with others. .


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16 Reader Comments

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  1. Campskunk says:

    lol – welcome to the predominant weather pattern we have in the south – in Florida, it lasts from may until halloween. it will be better when you get to fernandina- the ocean is cooler than the land. it will still be humid, though, although the humid sea breeze smells better ;-)

  2. Pam Hicks says:

    Thanks, Janet. I look forward to your future blogs!

  3. Lisa says:

    Wwlcone, Janet! Being in North AL, I’m waving as you go by. I went to school in Pensavola, FL and remember how wet & hot it was. I promised myself I’d live further north where at least the humidity is better! Looking foward to sharing your journey.

  4. Judy Wetherington says:

    So glad you traveled in my state, I would love to have met you, maybe on your return visit. The northern part of our state is mountains, streams with wonderful views around every corner. I wish for you safe travels and wonderful memories and maybe one day our paths may cross in our RT’s

  5. Kathy says:

    What an inspiration Janet is to me. The idea of getting it all together and taking off on your own is remarkable. I wish you safe travels and will look forward to hear of your exciting adventures.

  6. Tim Mallon says:

    Congrats, Janet, on joining Mike’s esteem group of guest bloggers. I look forward to your stories and insights.

  7. Sherry Hooker says:

    Janet, may your journey be safe and your enjoyable memories be ever growing.

  8. Judy says:

    Janet, you are my hero. Wish I had the guts to do what you are doing. I, too, am widowed and know what it is like to lose your husband and not have the desire to do things that you once did. I look forward to reading about your adventures on the road and maybe someday I will do the same. Maybe you’ll even get back to your water colors after you see some beautiful places that you could paint.

  9. Cheryl says:

    How exciting……I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures. You will love Fernandina Beach!

  10. The suggestions on this website is especially beneficial. I have discovered quite a few helpful tips.

  11. Les Shanteau says:

    If you are traveling I-10 do a little scenic side trip and go from Pensacola beach to Navarre Beach and enjoy the ride through the National Seashore and then take US98 and then cty rd 30A east of Destin through Seaside.
    We have a condo in the area and if you need more info on the area; please contact us.
    Thank you for your posts

  12. lol. Welcome to flyover country where the rest of us live.

  13. Jeremy Adams Jeremy Adams says:

    Yeah that’s Arkansas! lol

  14. It’s clean that’s how!!!

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