Travels with the eTrek: A photo montage

Like a lot of RVers, I’ve been reviewing memories and photographs this winter. That’s what we do during the down time: Go back and look at our photos and thus get excited by the places we’ll be going once the weather arms up.

If you’re like me, I bet you have a lot of photos of your RV. We take pictures of them in the places they take us.

That got me thinking about pulling a bunch of them and putting them together in a slide show.

rtplaces77So, here’s about 100 of them, taken all over North America over the past year – a year which had us drive close to 40,000 miles.

I tried to make sure each photo shows the eTrek. Some have scenic backgrounds. Other not so much. But the eTrek is the star – front and center of every photo.

Putting this montage together got me excited. I cant wait to see what 2014 has in store.

Hope you enjoy this, too.

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  1. E.Bean

    With the RT-ET do you have to use propane? I never used propane before. As far as putting gas in an car. I haven’t cooked on a gas stove in decades. Everything has been electricity. Do you have to winterize? What RT that you do not have to winterize or use propane?

  2. Karl

    Hi Mike:

    Wow, you sure chalked up quite a few places. Missing is British Columbia, Canada. Come visit and see what we have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.


    • Maureen

      Ditto to Karl’s reply. BC has so many different topographies from the ocean to high cattle country, wine in the Okanagan, mountains. You name it….BC’s got it! Would love to see you out in the Pacific Northwest.

  3. Kathleen Roy

    I will be doing a road trip in Aug and Sept.
    Plan to visit many of the same places on my way to Michigan.
    Going to walk across the “Big Mac” on Labor Day.
    Home town is Bellingham, WA so this will be my first long road trip.
    Have a 2001 Roadtrek 170, and love it.

    • Maureen

      Happy travels Kathleen. I’d be interested in your experiences in the 170 as that was my original target to purchase. I’m not too far from where you live so I’ll probably follow in your “tire marks.”


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