Come on in and take a tour of our Roadtrek RV

I presented a couple of seminars at the just-concluded Family Motorcoach Association Family Reunion in Perry, GA and thought I’d share here part of one of my seminars: A video tour of our Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL, shown during one of the seminars I did about life in a Class B. van.

The FMCA gathering was huge, some 2,200 motorhomes were here with a total attendance of about 5,000. Since Jennifer and I couldn’t invite all of them inside our RV, we did the next best thing and videotaped a full tour of our unit.

We give a lot of tours. Just about every day. At a gas station or rest stop when we’re traveling, total strangers will often approach us and ask about the unit. They are all looking for a peek inside and we do our best to oblige.

It was a natural to do a tour for the camera.

So come on in, make yourself at home and let us show you what it’s like livin’ in a van.

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  • jhp12

    Is the screen for the door permanently in place (slide it open or closed) or is it the type that is fastened in place with velcro.

  • Dan

    Saw a Roadtrek CS Adventurous for the first time in the parking lot of our local Meijer store. While smaller than a type A, I was still surprised how big that thing is. I have a hard time calling that a van. Coming from owning a VW Winnebago Campervan, I’m used to a true van experience. I can’t imagine the XL with 14 more inches length. That sprinter chassis really pushes the line between a B and a C. Does Roadtrek still manufacture something more along the lines of a true van? One that indeed looks like a van and not a motorhome?

  • TDHIll

    You guys did such awesome presentations at the Perry Rally! Loved this video of your Trek and find you so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  • DeanCHS1980

    Hi Mike and Jennifer,

    I am currently working my way through all of your podcasts. They are wonderful. I have been wanting a tour of your Roadtrek home. Beautiful. Laura and I are new to RVing. I caught the RV bug in September, 2014. I enjoyed researching RVs and the lifestyle as a retirement plan in 10 years, but became so enamored with it that we bought a new to us ’05 Casita 17′ Freedom Deluxe in November, 2015. We have recently de-winterized it, driveway camped, and taken it to the local KOA. We are going to the Smokies next month with several trips planned through June.

    Thanks to both of you for your energy, passion, expertise, and sharing your wanderlust!

    Take care,


    P.S. – I grew up with an Elkhound (Henri Jack) and my parents had four others through out their lives. They are amazing dogs. Henri (pronounced “ornery”) was the smartest dog I have ever been around. He was a true companion.

  • don schwab

    please describe the sound of the cooling fan on the li battery pack while sleeping at night.