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Episode 95: The Family Legacy of Camping and RVing

The RV and camping lifestyle sure brings families together and creates some great memories and an enduring love for the outdoors. To explore some of the ramifications of that, Jennifer…

Episode 92: The Roads Less Traveled

It’s a sad fact that so many RVers travel so fast that they miss so much. That’s because they travel the interstates, where the country whizzes past in a blur….

Episode 87: Fleeing the Alberta Fires

You’ve no doubt heard of the horrific fires that have devastated the Canadian province of Alberta, forcing 88,000 people in the town of Fort McMurray to evacuate in a mad…

Episode 85: RV Travel with Pets

Our main guest this week is guest is Amy Burkert, of, which is – hands down – the best resource I’ve found for RVers who travel with their pets….

Episode 84: Turn Your Motorhome into a Houseboat

Now you can turn your motorhome into a houseboat. I first heard about this very cool (and expensive!) invention at the Perry, GA gathering of the Family Motorcoach Association when…

Episode 83: Great CampEats for the RVer

This week, we talk about a topic near and dear to every RVers heart – food. We hear from a woman who has started a company that aims to meet…