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An RVer with his own personal drone

Across the globe, military and law enforcement agencies are using drones for security and surveillance purposes. But did you know that there are now personal drones that tech savvy consumers…

An RV City has formed in Indianapolis

I wasn’t sure what to expect at the Family Motorcoach Association 87th Reunion and Motorhome Showcase in Indianapolis. But this is a city. I am surrounded by 1,800 other motorhomes….

A Blue Highway Day

I’ve always loved traveling backroads. The Blue Highway routes first memorialized  by William Least Heat-Moon whose account of his journey along the back roads of the United States was first…

Florida: Here we are

We made it. 1,100 miles to Grayton Beach, FL. The Roadtrek is now locked and parked behind the beach house we’re staying at with our two sons, their wives and…