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Get a Handle on Laundry

Dirty laundry. Sometimes, it seems like it follows me everywhere. Especially on RV trips. What to do with it? For a couple of years, we stuffed it in plastic bags….

Tips: Mail Management from the Road

When we travel, we often wonder what mail we’re getting back home, and if there is something important to which we must attend. Well, listener Tom called in this great…

Our Favorite Chairs

One of the most asked questions we get has to do with the portable chairs we carry around with us in our RV for outside seating. We carry four of…

Tips: Turn Off Your GPS

Jennifer’s Tips: Turn Off Your GPS?!?!

The idea of turning off our GPS or satellite mapping units while RVing might sound a little crazy in a day and age where we’ve become ultra-dependent on them. But…


Tips: Food Storage

I’ve talked before about using Ziploc bags to store all sorts of stuff, from food to spare parts to things like cereal that can be emptied out of those big…