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My RV – A Mobile Art Studio

I am a watercolor artist, who has not picked up a paint brush for two and a half years. I stopped painting around the time that my husband, Jim, was diagnosed…


My RV as a Sag Wagon

After my massage on Tuesday I drove out of San Diego in my cute little Roadtrek, due east towards Yuma, Arizona. It was a beautiful afternoon drive through the mountains…

Roadtrek in the Redwoods

What Makes a Good RV Salesperson?

Yesterday I took my cute little Roadtrek SS Agile to the Service Department at Holland Motor Homes in San Marcos, CA. It is at the RV hospital. I have been…

RT on the road again. Finally

Pet Peeves on the Road

Last Thursday I started a short vacation with a friend of mine and the RT in Northern California. Once again the cat stays home with a good house sitter and…

New Mexico

Windy days in my RV

After a day of rain, the sun is shining once again and the wind is blowing. I have been thinking about the wind. A gentle breeze is delightful. A 20-40…

Sunrise off the wing as I flew out of San Diego.

My Whirlwind Tour of Alaska

You may remember that a  week and a half ago I posted about my pending trip to Alaska to meet Jane, a fellow Roadtreker. Leaving my RT behind and Elsie the…

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