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Hanging out at the Tampa RV Show

I got a bit lonesome for my old buddies at Roadtrek so I drove down to Tampa overnight and was at the long line of cars creeping into the gate…


The REAL Winter Freezout Camping Adventure

I hear Mike Wendland and Yan Seiner have been trying to convince people to wander off somewhere way up north and freeze to death in a few weeks, and have…


East Across Texas on I-10

It’s always a long drive from out west to Florida, where we spend the holidays with family. Some years we just grind it out, driving all day and arriving worn…


Running from Winter in Arizona

Last you heard we were soaking up the Sedona scenery back during the first week of November. The weather was holding until then, but a check of the forecast indicated…


Save the Planet – Be a Fulltime RVer

We were chattering away on the Roadtrek Facebook group about solar, and it got me to thinking – what is my energy consumption and carbon footprint now that I’m fulltiming…


Cosmic Camping in Sedona

Sedona, AZ is a great place to hang out and soak up the new age vibes, as well as the magnificent scenery of the Mogollon Rim  and Oak Creek Canyon….


The Mysteries of the RV Water Pump

Water pumps in Class B RVs, or pretty much all RVs for that matter, are just about the same. The basic design was developed back in the middle Cretaceous and…