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Completed bed.  It is as comfortable as it looks.

My Giant Permanent RV Bed

One thing about full timing is that you have ample opportunities to evaluate the comfort of your RV’s sleeping arrangements. In our 2003 190 Popular with the dinette setup, we…


How to Help Build Your Own RV

I was given a unique opportunity over the past few months. I had been hanging out at the Roadtrek factory last fall and this spring, and Jim Hammill the president…

And here's the finished product with smooth, clean lines and a luxurious look. No way is this vehicle a delivery van.

The Painting of Sprinter-based Roadtreks

The Agile and Adventurous Roadtrek models are on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis, and part of the transformation from bare-bones chassis to finished motorhome includes painting parts or all of the…

Presqu'isle Provincial Park day stay area. On a Saturday, even.  Nobody here :-)

Lake Ontario’s North Shore

We’re on our around-the-lake trip circumnavigating Lake Ontario, which is the easternmost and therefore most built-up of the Great Lakes. Despite all the development, there are still plenty of hidden…


Lake Ontario’s South Shore

We are taking a few days to circumnavigate Lake Ontario, the easternmost of the Great Lakes, and we are halfway through our journey. We started on the west end, near…

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