A look at the different interiors of 2013 model Sprinter RVs

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With the Mercedes Sprinter chassis still driving the big spike in Type B motorhome sales, RV manufacturers are continuing to innovate in design and options as they get ready for the 2013 RV season.

jeninsideAt the big Florida RV Supershow in Tampa this January, most of the North America big Type B makers were showing off their new models front and center.

We thought it would be helpful to take a look at the interiors of the leading Type B Sprinters.

As you’ll see, despite the same space, there are big differences in how the various manufacturers are appointing and laying out their Sprinter models.

In this video you’ll see Sprinter models from Pleasure-Way, Leisure Travel Vans, Great West Vans, Roadtrek Motorhomes and Airstream,

Which features did you like? What do you wish your did see? Post under comments below…

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  • Kiki Dunigan

    It’s amazing how different all the models are! Being partial to Airstream, I liked that one the best, but then again, the heated floor of the Roadtrek CS Adventurous is pure design genius. They are all very nice, thank you for showing us what you are seeing!

  • Bob Murphy

    Thanks Mike. Lots of choices and innovation in this class. For a small family, the classic Roadtrek RS, E-Trek works best for us: Belted second row seats and all those windows brighten things up while camping and sightseeing on the road. The CS is cool too with the third seat and the big fridge up front, but I don’t want to trade off the windows. I wish there were better options for sleeping more than TWO people in the North American Sprinters!

  • Leon Eaves

    I really enjoyed the look on the 2013 Sprinters although I had to fight motion sickness. Mike, you didn’t even give the camera time to focus on many of the things you were showing us. I’m still a little woozy.

  • Rick Ashworth

    Mike, Gotta agree with Leon, I’m dizzy. I am sure that you were under pressure with the line-up of people wanting to tour the vehicles. Seems to me there should be an after hours time for journalists to do what you do. Wasn’t sure what you what you were going to do on, but must say I am enjoying your articles.