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Monthly Archives: June 2014

What’s Underneath Your Roadtrek?

Sure, it’s nice to look at the shiny paint and lovely interiors of these new Roadtrek models, but the real exciting stuff for us technogeeks is what’s underneath. Since you…

Bucket List Restaurants

So much of our traveling lives are spent eating. Think about the really memorable occasions and places that stand out in your mind – I bet many revolve around meals….

How an Alde Hydronic System Works

The Alde system is being installed these days on more and more RVs, especially Roadtreks,  so it might be useful to explain what an Alde system is and how it…

Pet Peeves on the Road

Last Thursday I started a short vacation with a friend of mine and the RT in Northern California. Once again the cat stays home with a good house sitter and…

DIY: Magnetic Latches for RV Cabinets

Like many RVers, I’ve been frustrated by shifting weight and uneven surfaces that make cabinet latches hard to open or break. I think I have the solution. Magnetic cabinet latches….